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Factors and avoidance of seedling emergence in greenhouse

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Factors and avoidance of seedling emergence in greenhouse.

1. in the same seedbed, the emergence time of the same part is different. The difference between the early unearthed and the late soil is several days, which brings difficulties to the seedbed processing. The seeds are of poor quality, such as maturity, new seeds.Mixed with Chen Zi, the sprouting was uneven when sprouting and sprouting uneven, sprouting early sprouting quickly, and sprouting not sprouting slowly.

2. on the same nursery bed, some of them sprout early and some of them sprout late. The following factors are involved: 

    1. the uneven seedbed and the uneven bottom water cause the seedlings to germinate at the wet places and not to dry.Seedlings. 

    2. the temperature is different, the north of the bed is sunny, and the temperature is higher than that of the south. The wiring of 

    3. heating lines is unreasonable, the temperature is high at line density, and the emergence is fast. 

    4. in the back cover, the thickness of the soil is disproportionate, the ground temperature is low, the speed of wheat seedling growth is slow, and the soil is thick, and the wheat seedlings are too long to pass through the soil, so the emergence of the seedlings is late. 

    5. seedbed coverage of poor insulation conditions, some of the local coverage is not strict, air leakage, low temperature, affecting the emergence of seedlings. 

    6. often leaking rain makes some bed soil wet, forming low temperature and high humidity, and is not conducive to seedling emergence. 

    7. of the bed soil, there are local mole cricket, grubs, earthworms, rats and other damage, but also part of the emergence of uneven. 

    8. some local choose the method of irrigation before planting, and when the water is irrigated, the seeds will be alluvial so that the seeds will not be evenly distributed.

To avoid the uneven emergence of seedlings, the following measures can be adopted according to the factors that occur in the seedling emergence:

    1. the seeds with high germination potential and high germination rate should be tested before sowing. 

    2. in the process of soaking and accelerating germination, the seeds should be sprouted regularly to make the seeds sprouting and regular. 

    3. make good nurturing soil, so that bed Toi Mi loose, disease free, pest, rodent pest. 

    4. bed surface should be flat, well irrigated and sufficient bottom water in advance. 

    5. the cultivation is uniform and the soil is covered with soil.

    6. strengthen the management after planting, so that the temperature, humidity and air permeability of each part of the seedbed are common.


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